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Kudos from Anonymous to Everett & Hurite Ophthalmic Association

04/18/2018 13:27

Kudos to Agnes - great help! Nice way about her as she helped me to schedule 2 appointments. Thank you to Agnes!

Kudos from Dorothy Brewster to Everett & Hurite Ophthalmic Association
03/14/2018 13:34

Thanks for all you do. Great staff and Doc’s

Kudos from Robert Rankin to Everett & Hurite Ophthalmic Association
03/02/2018 17:02

I had an appointment with Dr. Abbasi today (Mar. 2nd). I arrived
on time and Dr. Abbasi's assistant Che called me in right away and prepped me in an efficient and very professional manner she even sprinkled in some humor. I met with Dr. Abbasi shortly after that and he is the definition of thorough. He explained everything to me, was knowledgeable of my issue and told me in stages what was going to happen today. Unbelieveable!!! i went through all the stages and met with him at the end he explained everything to me let me know where i go from here. Wonderful experience! Amazing!

Kudos from Robert Rankin to Everett & Hurite Ophthalmic Association
03/02/2018 16:54

I've had appointments at the Forbes Avenue office Wednesday and Friday of this week. On Wednesday (Feb. 28th) I had an exam with Dr. Rath and I will tellyou this was my second time seeing her and the first time 6 months ago was amazing. She was on-time then , very professional, knowledgeable of my case and very through. Her staff was courteous, professional and very efficient. I didn't expect to have the same experience the second time. I WAS WRONG!!!! Dr. Rath and her staff was even better and i didn't think that was possible! Efficient, Professional, Friendly, simply Amazing!!!

Kudos from Joe Burg to Everett & Hurite Ophthalmic Association
03/01/2018 20:23

I had serious convergence and double vision issues over a long period of time. Thanks to Dr. Hoover, and the professional and friendly staff at the Greensburg office, I have regained my normal eyesight. My quality of life has definitely been improved.

Kudos from GWEN DAVISTON to Dr. Charles J Kent, MD
02/26/2018 19:34

dr. kent is wonderful.i had cataracts and could not see.when I first went he did not frighten me but made me feel at ease.i had a pain in my eye after 2nd surgery and he answered his phone at 4am and then saw me in office at 830am on sunday.what a doctor.i am in the medical profession so to give kudos is rare for professionals.NEED YOUR CATARACTS REMOVED..SEE DR.KENT.

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