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Dry Eye Wellness Center Cranberry

Cranberry, PA


Kudos from Alicia Garrison to Dr. Edward J Chang, MD, F.A.C.S.
05/17/2017 19:52

Congrats to you for being named one of Pittsburgh's best Dr.'s!!

Glad you are my eye Doctor.

Kudos from Cynthia Banks to Dr. Hall Thomas McGee IV, MD
12/14/2016 16:18

Congratulations on the new position!

Kudos from Sr. Nancy Schnur to Dr. Charles J Kent, MD
06/30/2016 13:16

Recently I had cataract surgery on both eyes. Dr. Kent did the surgery and I am so very pleased. My vision is the best it has ever been. Dr. Kent was able to place a distance lense in my right eye and a bifocal lense in my left eye. It is so clear and I am ever so very grateful to Dr. Kent and the team at Everett and Hurite. Thank you. Sr. Nancy Schnur

Kudos from Julie Robinson to Dr. Charles J Kent, MD
06/22/2016 12:53

I cannot possibly thank Dr. Kent enough for the AMAZING job he did with my eyelid retraction correction surgery on both of my eyes. I suffer from Graves' Disease, which causes both physical and emotional turmoil. I was so self conscious and lost confidence for years before this surgery, but I now look (and more importantly, feel) like my old self again. The difference is incredible. Please know there is hope out there and Dr. Kent is an extremely skilled surgeon who can help. He deserves MAJOR kudos and I would highly recommend him to anyone my same shoes. Thanks Dr. Kent!

Kudos from Lisa Hilliard to Dr. John Christopher Huffman, OD
05/19/2016 14:19

Thanks for making my daughter sand. my transition to a new eye doctor so comfortable

Kudos from Bruce Downing to Dr. Hall Thomas McGee IV, MD

04/26/2015 17:08

Thank you to Hall McGee for taking so many extra steps to ensure success in cataract surgery. I was once extremely nearsighted, corrected with Lasik 15 years ago. So, fitting with the right cataract replacement lens was much more complicated. Dr. McGee scheduled extra appointments and multiple telecons to make sure we had things right. We had fantastic success with operations (both eyes) and resulting eyesight. Very importantly, it's rare to find a doctor in this day and age that went/will go the extra mile to cover all the bases that ensure success as Dr. McGee did.

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