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Greensburg, PA


Kudos from Penny Huzicko to Dr. Charles J Kent, MD
10/20/2017 03:41

Thank you Dr.Kent for an excellent outcome after cataract surgery! I know there were concerns because of previous lasix surgery. I appreciate your skill and expertise as well as your calm professional demeanor. I would recommend you to anyone that may ask for a referral. Thank you sincerely!

Kudos from DuBose Blakeney to Dr. Hall Thomas McGee IV, MD
09/20/2017 20:53

Looked at your website. Very impressive. Congratulations on doing so well in your career. Best to you and your family.


Kudos from Emmet Forbis to Dr. Pinchas P Rosenberg, MD
06/14/2017 19:31

I really appreciate the treatment provided by Dr. Rosenberg. He is very personable, yet professional. I like how he takes the time to actually talk to me and explain treatment results.Thank you!

Kudos from Karen Fennell to Greensburg

06/03/2017 00:08

Thank you Dr. Hoover! I feel great and my eye is feeling exceptional! And I am seeing one of everything!! Thank you so much.

Kudos from Karen Fennell to Greensburg

06/01/2017 02:29

Thank you Dr. Kent, my laser treatment worked perfectly! I can see clearly now!

Kudos from Alicia Garrison to Dr. Edward J Chang, MD, F.A.C.S.
05/17/2017 19:52

Congrats to you for being named one of Pittsburgh's best Dr.'s!!

Glad you are my eye Doctor.

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