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Belle Vernon, PA


Kudos from Annie Byler to Dr. Darren L Hoover, MD, F.A.A.P.
07/26/2018 03:01

Kudos to Dr Hoover for all the times I had my eyes checked by him! I had him from the time I was 11 month old till I turned 16. He is an amazing Dr and I thank him to this day for helping me better my eyesight!

Kudos from Halle Stolze to Dr. Dawn V Herzig, DO
07/06/2018 16:04

My daughter started seeing Dr. Herzig the week of her 2nd birthday. She is now 15 and haws bifocals all of this time. We all LOVE Dr. Herzig (Briana calls her Dr. Horsie because she couldn't pronounce it when she was little). She is so wonderful!!!! She is understanding, compassionate and you can tell she loves what she does. She treats her patients like they are her own children. I would recommend her to everyone!!

Kudos from Charles Medsger to Dr. Dawn V Herzig, DO
06/13/2018 13:29

Dr. Dawn thank you for your care during my emergency when after eye lid surgery i had bleeding from my eye . you made my day much better you are a great Dr.

Kudos from GWEN DAVISTON to Dr. Charles J Kent, MD
02/26/2018 19:34

dr. kent is wonderful.i had cataracts and could not see.when I first went he did not frighten me but made me feel at ease.i had a pain in my eye after 2nd surgery and he answered his phone at 4am and then saw me in office at 830am on sunday.what a doctor.i am in the medical profession so to give kudos is rare for professionals.NEED YOUR CATARACTS REMOVED..SEE DR.KENT.

Kudos from Andrea Criscella to Dr. Christin Sylvester, DO
02/15/2018 18:10

She is outstanding, when i learned she was moving to a new practice I had to find out where so i did the google research and found her here. My daughter has been her patient for a few years and we will be coming to this new pratice

Kudos from gwendolyn daviston to Dr. Charles J Kent, MD
01/02/2018 13:53

I just had cataract surgery.i was scared to death even though I work in medical field.dr.kent made me feel relaxed.not only that I had one eye done and work on a computer and have not had to wear any glasses for reading,driving.so excited to get other eye done....thank you to all in office as well

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