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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: I haven’t had an eye exam in a while. What should I expect during an appointment?

A: If you’re visiting your eye doctor for an eye exam, you should be prepared to sit through several basic tests. The following are some examples of tests we perform during a routine eye exam:

  • We take basic vital signs, such as your blood pressure, to check for underlying health issues that could affect your vision.
  • You’ll be asked to read a line of letters from a Snellen eye chart (i.e. the chart of differently sized lines of letters or numbers you often see at vision centers).
  • You’ll likely be asked to do simple visual acuity tests that track your ability to focus on certain objects or look in specific directions.
  • Your pupil will be dilated, or widened, using special drops so that our team can carry out a more thorough examination of your eye.
  • All of these tests are designed to reveal signs of potential vision problems or diseases within your eyes. Some additional testing may be needed if our team sees something that needs to be examined further during a routine exam. In addition to these tests, you should also be prepared to talk about any changes in your medical history that have occurred since the last time you saw your eye doctor.


Q: What do I need to bring with me when I go to an eye exam?

A: There are several things all patients should bring with them to an eye exam. Up-to-date vision and medical insurance information, a method of payment, and proper identification are all must-have items. You should also remember to bring as much background information as possible to your exam, including:

  • A description of any symptoms or problems you may be experiencing with your vision.
  • Information about your family’s history of eye problems, if there is any information to report.
  • Notes about non-vision related health problems in the family, particularly concerning cases of heart disease or diabetes.
  • A list of medications you take or allergies you suffer from; this information is critical in giving your eye doctor an idea of what sorts of problems they need to look for or address during your exam.
  • Tinted glasses, which will protect your light-sensitive eyes after they’re dilated and will help you drive home safely after your eye exam.


Q: Will Everett And Hurite accept my insurance?

A: Everett And Hurite accepts most major insurance plans. To see if your insurance is accepted at Everett And Hurite, just click here to review our up-to-date list of accepted insurance plans.


Q: Can I use my medical insurance or will I need vision insurance for my visit?

A: The decision to bill medical insurance versus a vision plan depends on the exam and the problems.  If you want glasses or contacts, that will always be through your vision plan. To learn more about which insurance you should plan on using at your visit, click here.



Q: I just came in for an exam. When should I schedule my next eye appointment?

A: You should schedule your next routine eye exam for one year from your last appointment, unless stated otherwise. The average patient only needs to visit their eye doctor once a year. However, some patients will be asked to visit more frequently if their doctors believe they’d benefit from additional monitoring or treatment.


Q: I just had a vision test at a health fair, clinic, school (or other care facility). Does this mean I can skip my annual eye exam?

A: No. Vision screenings that are offered outside of vision centers and practices are never a substitute for a fully comprehensive eye exam. That said, if you did receive a screening at a clinic, fair or other event or site, we encourage you to bring the results and notes from that screening to your next appointment with us - there may be something there that our doctors will want to look into further.


Q: My question wasn’t listed here. Now what?

A: We want to answer any questions you may have about exams, our services, or your vision’s health. If your question wasn’t answered here, please call us at (412) 288-0858.