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Contact Lens Exams

At Everett And Hurite we require that patients go through two regularly scheduled examinations before ordering contact lenses:

  • A regular annual eye exam, during which time we’ll examine your eye for any developing health issues that could affect your vision or interfere with your ability to wear contacts. We’ll also update your vision prescription if necessary.
  • A yearly contact lens evaluation, during which time your eye doctor will carry out additional testing to evaluate the state of your vision and the health of your eye, particularly your cornea, eyelids and conjunctiva. This exam will also allow doctors to carry out a contact lens fitting procedure, which will ensure that you’re wearing contact lenses that properly fit on your eye and provide you with the clearest vision possible.


Contact lens prescriptions need to be updated annually (by law) to maintain or enhance the healthy relationship between your eyes and the contact lenses. This annual contact lens evaluation may or may not be covered by your insurance.