Winter eye care is critical for good vision. The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching, and amidst the flurry of shopping and festivities our eyes and vision needs run the risk of being forgotten. But when we forget to take care of our eyes, we also run the risk of making our lives more difficult later - whether due to health complications, injury, or otherwise.

This holiday season, we encourage you to avoid these potential complications by giving your eyes the care they truly deserve. How? By following these three seasonal tips:

  1. Avoid excess sugar. Sugary treats are a staple of the winter season - but they are not kind to your vision health. While excess sugar is especially damaging to those living with diabetes, a diet high in sugar is likely to raise the risk of an otherwise healthy individual developing macular degeneration (AMD),the leading cause of blindness in America. To help protect your eyes and vision from these side effects, simply aim to eat a diet as low in sugar as possible this season - and remember to work actively with your doctor to manage any existing conditions through a healthy diet year-round.
  2. Shop with care. Gifts are a popular staple of the season; children in particular are in love with this tradition. However, toys can be a serious health hazard if they’re given to the wrong age group. If a child is too young to coordinate their movements fluidly, for example, a play mop or baton could become a source of injury. Sports related injuries are also incredibly common, particularly if children do not wear proper protective eye gear while playing. With this in mind, we advise shoppers to consider the age of every child they're shopping for. Researching the risks associated with specific toys before deciding on a gift for a loved one can also help ensure that every purchase made this year is a source of fun - and not a source of serious eye traumas. As a general rule of thumb, projectile objects and toys with sharp edges are best left to older children - and no matter how old any child is, talking to them about safely playing with their toys is highly recommended.
  3. Beware of UV rays. While we often think of protecting our eyes and skin from sun damage during the summer, this is actually just as important to do in the winter. UV rays can harm your eyes and skin year-round, and are especially dangerous after a snowfall or while one plays winter sports.Help protect your vision this season by keeping your sunglasses and sunscreen nearby - the reduced risk of skin cancer, cataracts and growths within the eye are each worth the extra work!

Good eye care is a year-round task - and it will help ensure that you can celebrate all month long in a healthy, eye-friendly fashion. Please know that if you still have questions about what to do this season to protect your or your child’s eyes, Everett and Hurite’s staff are available to answer any eye care questions you need answered before the holidays. Additionally, should an eye issue suddenly develop in your household, remember: you can check our website to see if a new vision issue that you’re dealing with requires immediate care.

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