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Understanding Multifocal and Toric Lens Implants

Learn about how multifocal and toric lens implants can help improve your vision and independence from glasses after cataract…


What Is Ptosis And How Is It Caused?

Discover causes, symptoms, and treatments for ptosis (droopy eyelid) with our expert eye specialists at Everett & Hurite. Bo…


6 Healthy Vision Habits To Practice This Year

Learn six important ways to protect your vision, from eating a healthy diet to getting regular eye exams. Protect your eyesi…


How To Avoid Winter Eye Issues: 4 Tips To Ensure Good Ocular Health

Protect your eyes during the winter months with these simple tips from Everett & Hurite. UV protection, hand hygiene, moistu…


5 Essential Eye Safety Tips for Halloween

Don't let eye injuries ruin your Halloween fun. Follow these 5 essential tips from Everett & Hurite to keep your eyes safe t…


Fall Eye Allergies Versus Dry Eye: How To Tell The Difference And Tips To Avoid Allergens

Discover the difference between fall eye allergies and dry eye, and get tips to avoid allergens for a comfortable and health…


5 Ways To Reduce Digital Eye Strain in the Virtual Classroom

Reduce digital eye strain in virtual classrooms with these 5 tips from Everett & Hurite. Protect your eyes while learning on…


How To Protect Yourself From Digital Eye Strain

Protect your eyes from digital strain with 4 simple tips. Use the 20-20-20 rule, blink often, adjust lighting and seating, a…


Keep Blood Sugar at Bay During the Holidays (Your Eyes Will Thank You!)

‘Tis the season for making merry, keeping busy, and eating plenty of junk food. For those living with or at risk of developi…


Fall Into Good Eyecare With These 7 Seasonal Health Tips

Good eyecare doesn’t end when we come home from a beach vacation! With a new season on the horizon, now is the perfect time …