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What Is Ptosis And How Is It Caused?

Ptosis, the abnormal drooping of the upper eyelid, has a wide variety of causes and implications on one’s health. Our late...


6 Healthy Vision Habits To Practice This Year

Whether you have 20/20 vision or you can’t see a thing without your glasses on, your eyes become more vulnerable to certai...


Diabetic Retinopathy: Three Facts You Need To Know

More than 30 million people living in the United States currently have diabetes. In honor of Diabetic Eye Disease Awarenes...


5 Eye Myths Everyone Should Know

False advice is bad advice when it comes to your health! In our latest blog, we debunk five persistent myths about eyesigh...


How To Slow The Progression of Glaucoma: Risk Factors and Prevention Tips

Glaucoma is often referred to as the “sneak thief of sight,” since most sufferers don’t even realize they have it until af...